Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal botanicals offer a gentle yet powerful boost, getting to the root of the issue, from the inside out.

Years of mentorship by a skillful and experienced Chinese herbalist gave me a comprehensive understanding of women’s health conditions, from endometriosis to fertility challenges, from pms to perimenopause. I learnt how to select the right herbal formula for every situation, and to flexibly adjust the prescription as needed, for lasting outcomes.

Chinese herbs

When you brew your individually designed herbal formula, you are taking action to improve your health. You’ll discover how easy it can be – following clear instructions you’ll boil your herbs up twice, for 30 minutes each time, so they can simmer away while you do other things at home. This process gives you enough medicinal tea to take over several days. The herbs do have a “unique” taste, but my patients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they get used to it, and how much better they feel.

Herbs can also be taken in the form of capsules, pills or tinctures (ready-made liquid extracts of our most useful herbal formulas) – sometimes a more convenient and palatable solution – or as a flexible combination to suit your lifestyle. These prescriptions are based on over two thousand years of research and clinical application, and bring long-lasting improvements in overall health.

Safety and quality is crucial, and so I only use the best quality herbal medicines, which are Eurofins certified and free from any heavy metals or pesticides.

How to prepare your herbs – Herb cooking instructions