Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are natural medicinal substances (plant materials including bark, leaves, seeds and roots; and minerals) that provide safe and effective treatment for a wide range of conditions with little to no side effects.

A herbal formula will contain up to fifteen individual herbs that work in synergy, and is designed and modified according to the individual patient’s presentation and progress. These prescriptions are based on over two thousand years of research and clinical application, and bring long-lasting improvements in overall health as well as correcting the underlying cause of specific imbalances.

Traditionally, raw herbs are boiled up at home then taken as a tea over 3-4 days. While this method requires more effort and the taste be quite strong, it is the most potent and effective. Herbs can also be taken in the form of granules, capsules, pills or tinctures (liquid extracts of our most useful herbal formulas) – sometimes a more convenient and palatable solution – or as a flexible combination to suit your lifestyle.