This blog will help make Chinese medicine accessible to everyone – deconstructing the wisdom found in classical Chinese medical texts into strategies for healthier living in the 21st  Century, and interpreting modern scientific research with a Chinese medicine filter. In both directions some translation is required!

Although my clinic has a focus on women’s health conditions such as fertility, pregnancy and menopausal syndrome, Chinese medicine considers the health of the whole body rather than just isolated symptoms, and so I am experienced in supporting a whole range of health issues (and always happy to answer any questions – ).

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  1. Preston Cunningham - August 9, 2013

    Underlying the practice of TCM is a unique view of the world and the human body that is different from Western medicine concepts. This view is based on the ancient Chinese perception of humans as microcosms of the larger, surrounding universe—interconnected with nature and subject to its forces. The human body is regarded as an organic entity in which the various organs, tissues, and other parts have distinct functions but are all interdependent. In this view, health and disease relate to balance of the functions.

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